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All over the World, marriages are the most celebrated events in every family. In Igbo Nation, marriages  are  the most important test  of a man’s integrity, wisdom, maturity and economic well being. Also, it is a barometer  to gauge  a female’s  upbringing, humility and morality because  Ndigbo do not believe that attractive  physical beauty alone should be  the single  yardstick for a  female to be married. According to them, beauty resides in the heart and popularly expressed as  "nma di n'obi" and/or "ugwu nwanyi bụ di"- marriage is a lady's pride".

Ndigbo, vehemently believe  that all attributes centered around sound moral character are the requisite ingredients for a worthwhile marriage. Consequently,  a female who possesses   attractive physical beauty laced with noticeable and tested  moral probity over time becomes a hot marital magnet and asset for the entire community.

That explains why traditional Igbo marriages are serious business because the entire community is involved before any marriage takes place. When a man is ready  to marry an Igbo woman, his immediate family takes part in search of a “near perfect fit”  for the family. The would-be groom is  prepared   by his entire family to brace for overwhelming navigation  of the marriage terrain spiked  with ceremonial intrigues,  stages and processes. These  include thorough research and investigations on family background of both families. The intensity of the background research tends to be higher for highly educated beautiful ladies from  far away Igbo cultures outside  the man’s immediate locale. 

Typically, there are many main stages and processes in traditional Igbo marriages in Igbo land. On Saturday, March 27, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia,  Dr. Nkasiobi Ifeadike of Abagana in Anambra State, Nigeria  and US Navy Airman, Mazi Ogbonna of Agbo Nkokoro, Umuchioba Obayi Ovim, Isuikwuatọ LGA, Abia State Nigeria scaled the important semi-compressed "Traditional Marriage Terrain in Igbo land that included the popular "Ime- Ego" in Anambra parlance or "Ikwụ Ugwọ Akụ Nwanyi" (Bridal Pride [BP]) in Abia State, Nigeria. In Ala-Igbo (Igbo Nation), BP does not literally connote any form of trade. However,  it is a symbolic gesture/ceremony  for a bride's family to proudly gauge and amplify the worth of their beautiful, well behaved, and academically trained daughter. Measured by any exponent, the Chieloka and Ụlọma Ifeadike of Abagana invested mightily in their daughter's overall upbringing and academic excellence which will be very tough  for any honest money making man, much less a starting young man like Mazi Ogbonna to financially afford. Thus the words, BP is a pure misnomer.  It's a  celebration for entrusting a daughter into the care of a responsible and worthy man for  enduring "Ọgọ Ngọkata" -  Union of two families for immeasurable family  growth and expansion. 

The entire Ogbonna's family of Ovim  and entire Okorie immediate and extended family from  Ihie, Ahaba. Imenyi as well as Ndi Isuikwuatọ proudly and whole heartily accept our newest wife, Dr. Mrs. Nkasiobi Ogbonna and her entire Ifeadike immediate and extended family of Abagana. God will be the Rock of Ages for Nkasiobi and Mazi to have a blissful and exemplary marriage of love, respect and unity as well the blessing of children and grand children and more. 

We await many more invites in the near future. Congrats to Nkasiobi and Mazi. May God grant you many Happy milestones in future!!!!



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Ndigbo Are the greatest all over the World

Ndigbo  find their home in a rich and fertile crescent created by the lower Niger River, predominantly within South-Eastern and a minority in South-Western Nigeria. Their population is  presently estimated to approximate  forty(40) to fifty five(55) million people around the globe. The Igbo homelands are probably one of the most densely populated regions in Africa. 

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Typical Igbo Family with Extended Family Support System

In Igbo land, traditional marriages are conducted in stages to make sure proper research is conducted before the marriage takes place, In the first stage, the future groom finds the lady he wants to marry and tells his parents.  The future groom accompanied by his father, mother, siblings and close family members .

The Igbo nation takes the issue of leadership in her communities seriously as much as we experience in today’s modern democratic societies. This is so because of the belief that the welfare of her people is dependent to a very large extent on the quality of the men and women entrusted with leadership roles. Nobody is therefore allowed to take up a community leadership position except the person is found worthy in character and commitment to the goals of the community. 

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African Fashion Models of 2019

Serwaa Amihere is a Ghanaian broadcast journalist and newscaster who currently works with GHOne TV. The 29yr old beautiful lady who is very stylish and always on point when it comes to fashion is known for wearing classic dresses on set which inspire many young ladies. From corporate wear, casual wear, African prints and more. …

In terms of looks, it is hard to distinguish an Igbo on the basis of looks alone. But one acceptance is that Ndigbo are generally considered nice looking. Many stretch it that their men stand out as handsome while their females are stunningly beautiful (Asamkpete nwaanyị ọma or omalicha ụmụ nwaanyị). These elegantly beautiful ladies are also highly educated and make up the cornerstone of most families  by their high octane fields of academic accomplishments as Accountants, Administrators, Case workers, Educators, Doctors, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers and Movie Stars. Ever heard about Nolly Wood?

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